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Resistance Band Squat Walk

<< Watch Fitness Video Now! Resistance Band Workout: Squat Walk >>

It's a funny looking move, but its great for your lower body!  Just another move to do with a resistance band!


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Vibram FiveFinger Nearly-Barefoot Walking Shoe Review

<< Watch Fitness Video: Vibram Five Finger Shoes Product Review! >>

Barefoot walking and running is getting more popular but its not always the safest option.  Using a nearly-barefoot shoe, like Vibrams, is an alternative that offers many of the same benefits without the risk of stepping on something dangerous!  Here is my full product review on the Vibram FiveFinger KSO shoes.

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Resistance Band Triceps Extensions

<< Watch Video: Resistance Band Tricep Extension! >>

How to work your triceps with a resistance band! These workout bands are great for travel workouts and you can work your entire body!

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Product Review: Brookstone Heart Rate Monitor Ring

<< Brookstone Heart Rate Monitor Ring Review >>

Fit Life Product Review of the Brookstone Heart Rate Monitor Ring.  I wanted to compare my usual chest strap and watch setup vs this new ring technology.  For only $40, if it works, its a bargain!

Brookstone Heart Rate Monitor Ring

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