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Ab Workout: Balance Ball Crunch

Ready to work those abs? In this Fit Life, I'm going to show you how to do a stability ball crunch. You might be tired of your old ab workout, or maybe just need something new and different to add to your routine.  Take notice that this exercise is suppose to really work the abs, not the hip flexors.  If your lower body is moving throughout, then you need to re-evaluate your positioning.  If you are wanting to work your hip flexors, then this video will not help you!

Abs/ Core

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Exercise When Sick?

When you're feeling under the weather, should you force yourself to hit the gym? I've got the answer! Head colds, flu, runny nose, coughing... find out which symptoms require more rest than sweat.  Always remember that when you workout, whether you are sick or not, you should wipe down the machines and wash your hands after working out.

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Lower Body Workout: Stability Ball Wall Squat

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Sculpt your lower body with this stability ball wall squat!  This is even great for those with sensitive knees because your weight is shifted back, eliminating the pressure, which can cause pain. Make sure to keep your shoulders back, never squat lower than 90 degrees and breathe!



Health Benefits of Fiber

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This year's food trend is fiber!  Learn all about fiber, it's benefits and how much fiber you need in your diet!

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