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Stability Ball Exercise: Ab Workout

Ab workouts can be boring if you're just doing crunches for every workout. Try giving yourself a balance challenge by using the stability ball and doing this ab exercise. The Pike Tuck exercise in this fitness video is one that I always enjoy doing but somehow always forget, so this is my reminder to never settle into a routine – there is always a different/better/harder/more fun exercise out there!


  • Abs
  • Butt

Stability Ball Workout Video:

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Healthy Eating at Restaurants

Eating healthy at restaurants can be a challenge when you're on a diet.  Sometimes you don't even know what the descriptive words mean on a dish but it sounds delicious!  Here is healthy eating guide to clue you in to what foods you should avoid when dining out.


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Medicine Ball Workout: Front Lunges

Medicine balls are great for working out in a small space and switching up your workout routine! You can get a full body workout with a medicine ball and the unstable surface is great for challenging core exercises.  This is a front lunge that focuses on the lower body but works your arms, back and shoulders too!


  • Legs
  • Butt
  • Upper Back
  • Arms

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Hotel Workout Series: Lower Body

There’s never an excuse to skip a workout!  This ab exercise is part of the Hotel Workout Series which will soon be available as part of Amy Mac’s Fit System. Wall squats are a great space-saving, no equipment needed exercise to strengthen your butt and thighs.

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Fitness Survival Guide

Natural disasters seem to be happening more often all over the world.  This is a Fitness Survival Guide with a few exercises that you can do to be fit to fight if the time should come when the world is at its worst.

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Tips to Avoid Unhealthy Salads

It doesn't take much to turn a healthy food, like salad, into junk food.  How do you avoid this?  I have 3 tips to help you make sure that your salads stay on the light side! There are also healthy salad dressing recipes in the show notes.

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Burn calories walking

Can you really lose weight by walking?  Yes! Every step counts and in this Fit Life, I show you exactly how many steps you need to lose weight and get healthy! Weight loss can be simple, you just have to workout smart!

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Stability Ball Balance

Upper body strength is important for your posture and to look great in that sundress!  This upper body exercise gets bonus points because it works your butt, as well - you have to squeeze those glutes to keep from falling off the stability ball!

The only equipment you need is a stability ball so get ready because no matter what your fitness level is, you'll find this move challenging!  Start with the stability ball rollout and keep working until you can do stability ball pushups!


  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Chest/Back
  • Abs

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Should you splurge on organic foods?

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Organic food has become more and more popular in the last few years.  It is also more expensive and sometimes harder to find.  I'm asked lots of questions about organic food and decided to do an episode answering these questions.  Learn whether organic food is really worth the price.  Also find out the best organic splurges and where to find cheap organic food in this episode of Fit Life. The benefits of organic food might surprise you!

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Ab Workout: Balance Ball Crunch

Ready to work those abs? In this Fit Life, I'm going to show you how to do a stability ball crunch. You might be tired of your old ab workout, or maybe just need something new and different to add to your routine.  Take notice that this exercise is suppose to really work the abs, not the hip flexors.  If your lower body is moving throughout, then you need to re-evaluate your positioning.  If you are wanting to work your hip flexors, then this video will not help you!

Abs/ Core

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