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Portion Control Tips

It's not just about WHAT you eat but HOW MUCH you eat. Controlling portions is key to losing and maintaining weight and I've got some tricks to help you both when you are home and when you're dining out. You need these portion control tips!

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Healthy Eating at Restaurants

Eating healthy at restaurants can be a challenge when you're on a diet.  Sometimes you don't even know what the descriptive words mean on a dish but it sounds delicious!  Here is healthy eating guide to clue you in to what foods you should avoid when dining out.


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Tips to Avoid Unhealthy Salads

It doesn't take much to turn a healthy food, like salad, into junk food.  How do you avoid this?  I have 3 tips to help you make sure that your salads stay on the light side! There are also healthy salad dressing recipes in the show notes.

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Burn calories walking

Can you really lose weight by walking?  Yes! Every step counts and in this Fit Life, I show you exactly how many steps you need to lose weight and get healthy! Weight loss can be simple, you just have to workout smart!

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Vacation Fitness Tips!

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Keep it active on vacation so you don't pack on the pounds!

People always want to know how to enjoy their vacation, which usually includes lots of great food, but without undoing all the hard work they put in before they left!  I've got a couple of ideas!  Move more! Nutrisystem!

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Peanut Butter & Banana Shake Recipe

Today we take powdered peanut butter, PB2, and make a peanut butter banana shake that is low in calories and fat!  You can make a healthy shake that will satisfy your craving and fill you up with the protein in the peanut butter!

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Fit Life Video: How to do a Kettlebell Turkish Get Up!

We continue to learn about Kettlebells and today Matt and David walk us through how to do the Turkish Get Up!

Make sure to take your time and learn the proper technique for this and any exercise before adding weight!  Kettlebells is a full body workout and you can see more results in less time by combining cardio with your weight training.  You also want to make sure you remember to breathe as you workout!

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Fit Life Video: How To Do The Kettlebell Swing

An introduction to Russian Kettlebells. I have 2 RKC certified experts, Matt McBryde and David Whitley, who give us the benefits of kettlebells and then show me how to do the Kettlebell Swing.

Kettlebells is a full body workout. You can maximize your workout time by doing the weights and the cardio at the same time.

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Fit Life Video: Fitness For Free!

If you are short on cash or just looking to trim your budget but still want to make fitness a priority, here are a few ways to get fit for little to no cost!

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Fit Life Video: Beat That Fitness Slump Now!

How to get motivated to get up and moving again!  You've been thinking about working out but you just haven't taken the plunge - here are some ideas to push you into it!

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