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Avoid these high calorie coffee drinks

You might never think about it but it is possible that your frequent trips to the coffeehouse are making you fat! It's become a staple in our culture to socially meet at the coffee shop, have a tasty beverage and maybe even a sugary snack.  We've also fallen into the habit of hitting the caffeine when we are exhausted and/or need to focus on a task. But the downside could be that the drinks and snacks you are choosing are high in calories and making you gain weight. In this episode of Fit Life, I give you the guide you need to successfully keep your diet at a coffeehouse.

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Healthy Eating at Restaurants

Eating healthy at restaurants can be a challenge when you're on a diet.  Sometimes you don't even know what the descriptive words mean on a dish but it sounds delicious!  Here is healthy eating guide to clue you in to what foods you should avoid when dining out.


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Tips to Avoid Unhealthy Salads

It doesn't take much to turn a healthy food, like salad, into junk food.  How do you avoid this?  I have 3 tips to help you make sure that your salads stay on the light side! There are also healthy salad dressing recipes in the show notes.

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Eating Healthy at Restaurants

When you are dieting or trying to lose weight, eating at restaurants can be scary.  Calories and diet sabotage are lurking in every corner of a restaurant menu. Here are 3 tips to help you stay on track when eating socially.

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Should you splurge on organic foods?

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Organic food has become more and more popular in the last few years.  It is also more expensive and sometimes harder to find.  I'm asked lots of questions about organic food and decided to do an episode answering these questions.  Learn whether organic food is really worth the price.  Also find out the best organic splurges and where to find cheap organic food in this episode of Fit Life. The benefits of organic food might surprise you!

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Health Benefits of Fiber

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This year's food trend is fiber!  Learn all about fiber, it's benefits and how much fiber you need in your diet!

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Peanut Butter & Banana Shake Recipe

Today we take powdered peanut butter, PB2, and make a peanut butter banana shake that is low in calories and fat!  You can make a healthy shake that will satisfy your craving and fill you up with the protein in the peanut butter!

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WAM This Week: Steps Toward That Beach Body!

amymacThis week on, I highlighted food and eating in the the 'news' section.   Summer has arrived and that means skimpy dresses, short shorts and swimsuits are upon us!  You know that I feel strongly about 'dieting' but instead feel that small lifestyle changes are what is needed to become healthy, fit and swimsuit-worthy!  The focus this week is to help you put some of those small changes into your life by enjoying foods you can eat, taking advantage of summer fruits and how to 'eat smart' at social events like weddings, bbqs and holiday gatherings.

Posted 6/8/2009:  Healthy Diet How-to
If you are defiant, like me, when you make a food 'off-limits', it instantly becomes the only food you want to eat!  I don't normally eat cake but tell me I can't have it and I'll becrashing wedding showers for a piece of cake!  This post is about changing that mindset.   << Switch Your Food Focus to "What CAN I Eat?" >>

Posted 6/11/2009:  Easy Healthy Food!
Eating healthy has such terrible connotations.  Most people assume that their dish will be lacking flavor, that the recipe will be difficult or that they will never feel full.  I'm not a chef, or even a decent cook, but I can promise you that I don't waste calories on food that doesn't taste great!  This easy fruit salad is great for a side dish, snack or pitch-in dish and you can even use it to combine all your leftover fruit at the end of the week so no berry goes to waste!    <<  4 Minute Fruit Salad Recipe  >>

Posted 6/12/2009:  How-to Eat Healthy!
Social events have always been a 'diet killer'.  I insist that they don't have to be, it just takes a little more planning, thinking and awareness so that you aren't sabotaged.  No one will ever notice when you use a salad plate as your only plate and then continually fill it from the veggie tray.     <<  Beat Mindless Eating at Social Events! >>

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