for the love…

ok, so its no secret that i’m not a fan of california, but this is getting ridiculous. first off, i’m in disputes with a bank about a loan that….grrr…ok, moving on. so yesterday on the way home from work, chris had a flat tire about a block from our condo. we called AAA and apparently our membership covers towing but not in the city of San Francisco nor does it cover motorcycle towing. great. so we paid a tow truck to wisk it away to the bike shop. then we received a lawyer letter from our previous landlord…not able to provide any details yet, but it should just be a phone call to straighten out. lets see, next, oh yes, there was the earthquake. a small one, but nonetheless, a bit strange. after that i received a phone call from barry in tennessee with a laweyr letter from a VERY MAJOR CORPORATION asking….well, more details later…that one should just take a little finesse to straighten out. but lets just say that they found my podcast!! thats awesome.
more details later…i know, you can’t wait.

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  1. You’re right…I can’t wait :-). Changing coasts is an underrated culture shock, for sure. The story’s interesting and a lesson to us aspiring webpreneurs. Most important, Amy, your FITNESS ATTACK is the best podcast, ever. Thank you for the one minute format, the high quality sound and the perfect writing–clear with just the right relevant stuff in there.

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