Fitness Video: Walking Lunges

Video: How to do Walking Lunges!

Taking the lunge to the next level.  The walking lunge works the lower body and challenges your balance! This is easy to do when you don’t have a gym nearby!  No excuses! Want to make it more difficult?  Hold dumbbells or a medicine ball!


Vacation Fitness Tips!

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Keep it active on vacation so you don’t pack on the pounds!

People always want to know how to enjoy their vacation, which usually includes lots of great food, but without undoing all the hard work they put in before they left!  I’ve got a couple of ideas!  Move more! Nutrisystem!

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Resistance Band Lunges

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This episode of Fit Life with Amy Mac uses the resistance band to tone your lower body with lunges! There is a full resistance band video series you don’t want to miss!


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Resistance Band Triceps Extensions

<< Watch Video: Resistance Band Tricep Extension! >>

How to work your triceps with a resistance band! These workout bands are great for travel workouts and you can work your entire body!

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Hip Flexor Stretch

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Those that sit and those that workout (think that covers everybody) need to to make sure to stretch those hip flexors!  Keeping flexibility in the hips will help your posture, alignment, mobility and injury prevention.

Hip Flexors (Iliopsoas)

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Social Eating 101

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How to handle social events without letting it sabotage your diet.  A little planning and a little willpower is all it takes to make sure your friends and your lifestyle don’t make you fat!

Upper Body Stretches: Chest & Back

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This chest and back stretch are great upper body stretches to do after your warmup or workout!  You can also use them when you need a quick burst of energy, like during that afternoon slump, at the office or first thing in the morning.  Always remember to breathe when you are stretching and make sure never to push too far!



Quad Stretch

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Stretching your muscles is so important during and after a workout.  This stretch is for your quadriceps, which is the front of your thigh, and is wonderful after a leg workout!


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Peanut Butter & Banana Shake Recipe

Today we take powdered peanut butter, PB2, and make a peanut butter banana shake that is low in calories and fat!  You can make a healthy shake that will satisfy your craving and fill you up with the protein in the peanut butter!

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