Resistance Band Lunges

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This episode of Fit Life with Amy Mac uses the resistance band to tone your lower body with lunges! There is a full resistance band video series you don’t want to miss!


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Resistance Band Shoulder Workout

<< Watch Fitness Video: Resistance Band Workout – Lateral Raises >>

Using the resistance band to sculpt your upper body!


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Upper Body Stretches: Chest & Back

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This chest and back stretch are great upper body stretches to do after your warmup or workout!  You can also use them when you need a quick burst of energy, like during that afternoon slump, at the office or first thing in the morning.  Always remember to breathe when you are stretching and make sure never to push too far!



Fit Life Video: How To Do The Kettlebell Swing

An introduction to Russian Kettlebells. I have 2 RKC certified experts, Matt McBryde and David Whitley, who give us the benefits of kettlebells and then show me how to do the Kettlebell Swing.

Kettlebells is a full body workout. You can maximize your workout time by doing the weights and the cardio at the same time.

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Fit Life Video: Fitness For Free!

If you are short on cash or just looking to trim your budget but still want to make fitness a priority, here are a few ways to get fit for little to no cost!

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