The Fitness Attack!!

I started my podcast this past week! It is a 60 second health and fitness tip called “The Fitness Attack”. Check it out and be sure to subscribe! I would also love to hear feedback and any topic suggestions, you may have! Find the show at

One thought on “The Fitness Attack!!”

  1. Dear Amy,

    I just started listening to your podcast this week and I am addicted. I have been obsessed with finding ways to stay fit and I am obsessed with podcasts. So the “Fitness Attack” w/ Amy Mac is the PERFECT combination. I am so glad I found you. You have Lockjaw of “The Podcast Junkie Show” to thank. I heard about your podcast on his podcast about podcasts ha ha! Thank you so much for your show! I would like to hear what you have to say about Flax Seed and Flax Seed oil. I’ve been taking it recently and everyone asks me how it works. I have no idea, I just know it’s a dietery suppliment. Toss me a bone here…


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