Resistance Band Lunges

<< Watch Resistance Band Workout Fitness Video- Lunges Now! >>

This episode of Fit Life with Amy Mac uses the resistance band to tone your lower body with lunges! There is a full resistance band video series you don’t want to miss!


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Resistance Band Triceps Extensions

<< Watch Video: Resistance Band Tricep Extension! >>

How to work your triceps with a resistance band! These workout bands are great for travel workouts and you can work your entire body!

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Fit Life Video: How to do a Kettlebell Turkish Get Up!

We continue to learn about Kettlebells and today Matt and David walk us through how to do the Turkish Get Up!

Make sure to take your time and learn the proper technique for this and any exercise before adding weight!  Kettlebells is a full body workout and you can see more results in less time by combining cardio with your weight training.  You also want to make sure you remember to breathe as you workout!

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